Bernini vs Borromini: a Baroque Rivalry with Hilary Bockham - Context Travel

Bernini vs Borromini: a Baroque Rivalry with Hilary Bockham

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Two artistic geniuses, born a year apart, both completely changed the appearance of Rome in the 1600s, which was only recently back on its feet after its near destruction just a hundred years before. But that is where the similarity ends. Bernini knew how to schmooze. Borromini had a persecution complex. In fact, one hot August night in 1667 he could bear it no longer, propped his sword up next to his bed, and jumped on it. Society hardly noticed. Bernini became Europe’s darling, was called to Paris to design part of the Louvre for Louis XIV and died at 82; rich, famous, and the father of eleven children. Pope Urban VIII told Bernini ‘Rome was made for you’ Today it’s hard to imagine our modern-day Rome without Borromini’s groundbreaking, breathtaking, whimsical sense of design.

Led by one of our longest-standing Rome experts, Hilary Bockham, this interactive seminar will enhance both your understanding of Rome’s buildings today whilst giving you a deep insight into the lives of, not just the elite, but of all its citizens in the 1600s.

Hilary has been one of Context experts for ten years. She was born in England, where she studied Art and Literature and began her career there as an art teacher. A few years later she followed her interest in fashion and costume and became an internationally successful fashion designer. For ten years before her arrival in Italy in 2005 she ran her own Exhibition Services company, providing customized services for Art Galleries and Museums throughout Britain. She has recently become a regular stand-up comedy performer here in Rome.

This conversation is suitable for all ages

90 minutes, including a 30 minute Q&A.