Kids Hour: A British Museum Journey (Ages 10-12) with Helena Meskanen - Context Travel

Kids Hour: A British Museum Journey (Ages 10-12) with Helena Meskanen

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Join an archaeologist on a virtual journey through the most exciting objects in the British Museum and learn about the ancient Egyptian mummies, Mesopotamian games and Greek myths.

The British Museum houses a unique collection of objects from around the world, and this family friendly discussion focuses on a selection of the most exciting and fun examples. During this hour we will discuss what archaeology is and how the museum came to be, and then embark on a virtual journey through the Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Greek collections. 

We will discuss the hieroglyphs from Egypt, and how they were deciphered with the help of the most famous object in the museum: the Rosetta stone. The kids will learn how to write their name in hieroglyphs, so prepare some pens and paper! Then we will move on to the Egyptian mummies and discuss how the ancient Egyptians went about mummifying their dead. Next, we will talk about ancient Mesopotamia, and discuss how people there beat boredom with board games, both at home and at work. Finally, we will take a look at ancient Greek pottery and sculpture to discuss the most famous myths from Greece. You will learn about centaurs, the Olympian gods, and the Trojan war. 

Led by an expert on archaeology Helena Meskanen, this interactive seminar will explore the most exciting objects in the British Museum. Designed to inform curiosity as well as future travels, participants will come away with a better understanding of life in ancient cultures.

Additional info:

  • Guests should have pens, coloring pencils and paper for activities.
  • 60 minutes, including activities and questions. 

Context’s Kids Hour conversations are 45-60 minute live, interactive sessions specially designed for kids. We include learning activities on all our Kids Hour conversations.

Your child should come prepared with any materials indicated in the conversation description.

Kids Hour Zoom etiquette:
  • Zoom display name should reflect the name of the child
  • The expert may mute all participants while she is speaking. Please use the raise hand feature to ask a question.


My child is older/younger than the suggested age grouping. May they join?
The age range we have indicated is a suggestion based on the content of the conversation and teaching approach. Ultimately the decision to book a younger or older child is at your discretion. We generally design our Kids Hour conversations for the following age groupings: 7-9 and 10-12.

Am I required to accompany my child?
Your child is welcome and encouraged to attend the conversation independently. We just ask that you assist with start-up in case your child has difficulty entering the Zoom room, changing their display name, and finding the mute and/or raise hand feature.

What if my child has a question during the conversation?
The expert may choose to mute all participants while she is speaking. On our adult conversations, participants use Zoom’s chat function to ask questions. On our Kids Hour conversations, we use the raise hand feature.

Does my child need to come with any materials?
We will indicate in the description of the conversation if there are materials that need to be pre-prepared.

Is your fee per learner or per family?
Our fee is per learner.

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Our Kids Hour conversations are group sessions. Each is open to up to 20 learners. If you would like to schedule a private conversation for your child only, please contact us at

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Dr Helena Meskanen is an archaeologist specialising in ancient Greece, with research focusing on ancient Spartan religion. She has been leading tours of the British Museum for 3 years and feels passionately about the wide range of objects on display, and the stories they tell about the museum and the cultures that created them.

This conversation is suitable for children aged 10-12.

60 minutes, including activities and questions.