The Colosseum and Roman Forum in The Time of The Emperors with Liz Brewster

The Colosseum and Roman Forum in The Time of The Emperors with Liz Brewster

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Rome was the reigning capital of an empire that extended over the entire Mediterranean basin 1900 years ago. How did the ancient Romans live in this bustling, multicultural city? To find an answer, we'll examine two of Rome's most evocative sites: the Colosseum, the grandest of the gladiator amphitheaters, and the Roman Forum, the central square of the ancient city.

We'll discuss both the mythological and historical founding of the city in the 8th century BCE and briefly outline the political trajectory of Rome and the empire using a few key emperor's rules as historical markers. We'll glimpse at daily life, social classes, customs, trade, commerce, and religion in imperial Rome while we spend a day at the gladiator games, bet on chariots at the Circus Maximus, and stroll to the heart of the city- the Roman Forum.

Designed to inform curiosity as well as future travels, this interactive seminar will explore life in the ancient world. Led by Rome based architect and historian Liz Brewster.

Liz Brewster, a native of San Francisco, California holds degrees in architecture from the University of California at Berkeley and Universitè  degli studi "La Sapienza", Rome. She specialized in restoration and urban design. Her restoration projects have brought her to work in direct contact with the rich historical layers of Rome and Italy. She has been leading study walks for Context Rome since its beginning and has lived in Rome since 1988 practicing architecture, researching design and lecturing at university study abroad programs.

This conversation is suitable for all ages

90 minutes, including a 30 minute Q&A.