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Hidden Rijksmuseum: Beyond the Great Hits with Sabry Amroussi

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While 'the Nightwatch' and the 'Milkmaid' are sure to draw crowds in the millions, Amsterdams Rijksmuseum hosts many many other treasures. This seminar presents the favorite art and objects of Sabry Amroussi and the curators of this museum. This is a conversation off the beaten track, for connoisseurs and novices alike.

Working with this museum for nearly two decades, Sabry Amroussi has developed a close relationship with its collection and curators. Collaborating with curators from all departments, he has come up with a unique selection of art that also shows the depth and strength of this world-famous collection.

From work by painters like Pieter de Hoogh and Hendrick Avercamp, to devotional objects and medieval masterpieces, this conversation will prove to be a true adventure for specialists and beginners alike. The full breadth of Dutch art and culture will come alive with Sabry Amroussi's unique blend of scholarship, humor, and deep knowledge of this subject. One will come away with a profound understanding of the sheer breadth and quality of one of the most famous museum collections in the world.

Sabry Amroussi is an art historian specializing in the Golden Age and Jewish History of Amsterdam. His background gives him a unique interpretation and knowledge about Amsterdam's once-thriving Jewish communities, and he loves sharing that knowledge, from the riches, gold, and precious books from the Portuguese Synagogue to the tragedies and his family stories of the second world war.

This conversation is suitable for all ages

90 minutes, including a 30 minute Q&A.