Volume 1: Roman Emperors: Augustus with Dimo Kosmopoulos

Volume 1: Roman Emperors: Augustus with Dimo Kosmopoulos

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According to Svetonius, Augustus "found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble". This conversation is part one of our Roman Emperor series and will take us to explore life in Rome after 27 BC when a new era of Roman history began: Octavianus became Augustus. We'll discuss how he begins by building an Empire ruling from his house on the Palatine hill (the same hill where, according to the myth, Rome was founded by the first king of the city, Romulus). We'll go on to discussing the long period of cruel battles under Augustus. We'll talk about the defeat of Marcus Antonius and Cleopatra which brought to an end the civil wars along with a new period of peace, the Pax Augusta which enlightened the Roman world. However, it was not easy to transform a Republican system into an Empire, and, in a matter of fact, Augustus never accomplished that goal - officially.

We'll discuss how Augustus consolidated his power working behind the scenes, carefully using all the available instruments: literature, politics, and of course architecture, the language of power. We'll talk about how he displayed power through architecture, particularly in Rome: temples, arches, altars, an obelisk used as a sundial, his own majestic tomb (Mausoleum) which he built while he was still alive.

Led by archaeologist Dimosthenis Kosmopoulos, this interactive seminar will tell the story of Rome through Augustus. It is part of a series on Roman Emperors created by Dimo. Designed to inform curiosity as well as future travels, participants will come away with a better understanding of Rome as a result.

This conversation is the first in a four-part series. Each seminar can be joined independently and in any order. 
Volume 1: Roman Emperors: Augustus with Dimo Kosmopoulos
Volume 2: Roman Emperors & the Flavian Dynasty with Dimo Kosmopoulos
Volume 3: Roman Emperors: Trajan & Hadrian with Dimo Kosmopoulos
Volume 4: Roman Emperors, the Antonines with Dimo Kosmopoulos

During his university studies at "La Sapienza" in Rome, Dimosthenis participated in several national and international projects, such as the study of Latin epigraphy and Roman pottery as well as various archaeological excavations in different areas of Rome (Roman Forum, Palatine, Mausoleum of Augustus). His work as an archaeologist brought him to carry out research in classical art and architecture, exploring, in particular, the relationship between iconography and architecture as ancient Greek and Roman artistic expressions. Dimosthenis completed his Ph.D. with a thesis on temple architecture in the Italian peninsula during the Republican period. This topic became his area of expertise. His knowledge of archaeology, ancient art history, and Roman architecture is the key that he uses to share his unique perspective on the Eternal City.

This conversation is suitable for all ages.

90 minutes, including a 30 minute Q&A.