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Budapest's Franz Liszt: Composer & Celebrated Mind with Levente Tasner

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Explore 19th century Budapest and its greatest events through the life of composer Franz Liszt. This seminar will focus on Franz Liszt's connection to his origins, thus offering some insight into defining events of his life and to a period in the history of Central and Eastern Europe. It is a modern story of the prodigal son and his homeland, Hungary.

Franz Liszt lived in a time when his homeland, the Hungarian Kingdom saw a transformation unprecedented in its history. It was a period of revolution, national awakening, and pursuit of freedom, equality, freedom of speech, and thoughtÉideals that very much defined Franz Liszt himself. His life was full of shocking twists and grand events. He was a cosmopolite with an eternal and passionate love towards his homeland: an extravagantly free spirit who joined the Third Order of Saint Francis.

After attempting the impossible and giving a brief summary of this genius's life story, our expert will give us insights into an era where a modern idea of the Nations' Europe was born. We'll see Budapest in different periods when the lives of the city and Liszt intertwined. We will also meet some of the most important Hungarians of the 1848 revolution, freedom fighters who influenced the thinking and art of young Liszt as well as peers and colleagues who helped with the establishment of the Royal Academy of Music in Budapest in 1875.

The life of one of the greatest artists of the Romantic era could not be anything else than overly romantic, a breathtaking novel written by turbulent and vertiginous times. Led by Budapest-based musician Levente Tasner, an expert on the history of Budapest and alumnus of the Franz Liszt University of Music, this interactive seminar will bring great historic events closer to us through the personal life of one of the most celebrated minds of modern European culture, Franz Liszt. Designed to inform curiosity as well as future travels, participants will come away with a deeper understanding of the ideas behind 19th-century nationalism.

Born in the countryside of Hungary, Levente moved to Budapest 10 years ago to study jazz singing at the Academy of Music. After studying for two years at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, Netherlands, he returned and started working as a tourist guide. He bears an everlasting passion for history and social politics and enjoys the exploration of historical connections by putting local history and personal stories into a greater picture. 

This conversation is suitable for all ages

90 minutes, including a 30 minute Q&A.