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Ancient Irish Legends Storytelling for Families: A Three-Part Course with Jennifer Carbery

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Story-telling is an art passed from generation to generation. Find a cozy spot, snuggle down and let us bring your imagination on a gentle meander through the green hills and rocky plains of Ireland's land of mystery and magic. Combining storytelling and history we will explore the land, the rocks, the ancient books and treasures that shape and inspire Irish stories. This is a three-part course and is designed for children aged 7-10 years old.

Listen to stories as old as the trees. Some of these were written down over a thousand years ago by great scribes and learned folks. Sense how the land is connected to its stories as you imagine the great giant Finn crossing the island and gathering all the rocks to form the mountains we see today. Gaelic is the native language of Ireland, with many of the stories and place names remaining in Gaelic. By tuning in to our stories we will unravel a bit of ancient Gaelic and reveal the great narrative behind these names and the stories they reveal. Listen, imagine, and immerse yourself in a journey to the otherworld.

Led by an expert story-teller Jennifer Carbery. These story-telling events will engage the whole family on a journey of magic and mystery. Designed to inform curiosity as well as future travels, participants will come away with pictures and imagings of how Ireland once was in the days of long ago.

Lecture 1: Finn Mac Cool and  How the Giant's Causeway Was Formed 

With a little background on the land and the rocks of the causeway in Antrim, we’ll learn about the rivalry between Finn Mac Cool and the Scottish giant who tried to lay claim to Finn’s home, Ireland. We’ll follow Finn as he hatches a plan to confront his nemesis and reclaim his homeland.

Lecture 2: The Tuatha de Dannan and Tir na nOg (The Tribe of the Water Goddess and the Land of Eternal Youth) 

With a little background about ancient books, we’ll get to know the ancient magical race of Tuatha de Dannan and learn how they used their supernatural powers, transforming themselves into mist or fog. We’ll follow the rise and decline of these ancients and learn how they found themselves in Tir na nOg, the Land of the Young.  

Lecture 3: Cu Chulainn and na Fianna (The Hound of Chulainn and the Warriors) 

With a little background on the ancient archaeological treasures, we’ll follow the most famous hero in Irish folklore, Cu Chulainn, and his epic journey of strength and power to become a legendary warrior. 

Jennifer works with historical research around Ireland's complex history. She studied Anthropology and History as a mature student and upon completion she worked in Archaeology; digging the land for treasure. She has her own business providing research and content for historic sites, events, and radio. She teaches, assesses, and trains students, guides, and learners in history. She has written several apps for tours within Ireland.

How does it work?

This is a three-part series held weekly and hosted on Zoom. Please check the schedule for the specific dates and times for each lecture.

Is there a reading list in advance?

Though the course is open to participants with no background in Irish legends, there are suggested readings for further investigation. You will receive this soon after course registration.

How long are the lectures?

Each lecture is 60 minutes long with time for Q&A.

How much is the course?

The course is $105.00 for 3 lectures.

Is a recording available?

In general, our courses are not recorded. However, if you need to miss a lecture please let us know in advance and we can arrange for a recording for that session on an individual basis.

This course is suitable for all ages although recommended for children aged 7-10. Irish stories are not light-hearted fairy tales. They can be a little dark at times. Not suitable for small sensitive children. There is no ‘Happily ever after’ in Irish myths and legends!

90 minutes, including a 30 minute Q&A.

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