Kids Hour: A Day with the Ancient Romans (Ages 7-9) with Jade Bajeot - Context Travel

Kids Hour: A Day with the Ancient Romans (Ages 7-9) with Jade Bajeot

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Ever wondered how the ancient Romans lived 2000 years ago? Join an archaeologist to travel through both time and land in Ancient Rome to discover what went on all those years before.

Archaeological excavations allowed us to collect plenty of information on the lifestyle of ancient Romans. Was life so different from ours? During this kids-focused discussion, we will discover what life was like. The hour will be focused on three main themes: life at home, the fascinating shows Romans could attend and the baths Romans visited on a regular basis. These three aspects should help us better understand the very important moments of Romans' life.

We'll see images of the different types of houses Romans lived in: from the large villas to the tiny apartments. We’ll talk about how they were organized and if kitchens and toilets were always present (hint: not always!). Afterward, we'll discuss how the Romans were spending their free time. They could attend plenty of different shows that we can barely imagine today! There were chariot races, battleships, gladiators fights, animal huntings, theatre shows, and poetry competitions. Each type of spectacle took place in a specific building as, for example, the Colosseum: we’ll visit this virtually.

We’ll end our interactive conversation with a virtual visit to one of the most beloved places by the Romans: the baths. These were private or public structures where people could not only wash themselves but also do other activities such as sport, massage and reading books.

Each of these three themes will be interspersed with hands-on activities to learn with fun - get ready with your pencils!

Led by Jade Bajeot, doctor in archaeology, this interactive seminar will give you a better understanding of the ancient Roman time and it will constitute a good base for future journeys. Kids might even come away with the feeling that life hasn't really changed that much at all!

Materials Needed:

  • Pencils and coloring pencils
  • Printed handout (will be sent in advance to participants)


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Born in Paris, Jade moved to Rome when she was 6 years old. Half of her family is French and the other half is Italian (her grandfather was very proud of being a 6th generation Roman!) Her passion for ancient cultures started when she was still a little girl and it inspired her to study archaeology at the Sapienza University of Rome. Thanks to a scholarship granted by a foundation connected to Harvard University, she earned a PhD in Archaeology. She specializes in pre-history, specifically Egyptian Prehistory. She still regularly works on archaeological excavations and conducts research projects. Her passion for Rome, together with her career as an archaeologist, inspired her to lead travellers on their discovery of the Eternal City. Jade is currently working on an illustrated book for kids dealing with Michelangelo’s paintings in the Sistine Chapel.

This conversation is suitable for children aged 7-9.

90 minutes, including a 30 minute Q&A.