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Klimt & the Beethoven Frieze with Gilles Gubelmann

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In this conversation, we will be led through 'the Beethoven Frieze' in all its sensual, symbolistic, byzantine, and poetic beauty. Gustav Klimt created the artwork in Vienna at the beginning of the 20th century. At the time, this Austrian city was the capital of a huge empire, situated at a crossroads of centuries, artistic tendencies, and political changes. We must not forget that Freud had just published his work "Analysis of Dreams". Set against this backdrop, we will discover this emblematic work, layer after layer, following its musical dimension and culminating in the Final Choral, inspired by Beethoven's 9th symphony. We will conclude by following the very unusual history of the frieze, which has returned to its original location.

Led by artist, musician, and antique expert Gilles Gubelmann, this interactive seminar will address Klimt's artwork in-depth. Designed to inform curiosity as well as future travels, participants will come away with a better understanding of Klimt and Beethoven.

Swiss artist Gilles Gubelmann studied piano and dance at the Geneva Conservatory. He then worked for many years as an expert for arts and antiques in an important Swiss Auction House (Koller Auctions) where he was director of the Department of Antique Furniture and Decorative Arts. He realized a dream and moved to Venice where he started working as a painter and as an opera set and costume designer all over Europe and also deepening his knowledge of art history and architecture. Settled now in Vienna, Gilles continues his artistic activities, works as a lecturer at the University of Music and Performing Arts, and highly enjoys uncovering the rich cultural and artistic heritage of Vienna to curious travelers.

This conversation is suitable for all ages

90 minutes, including a 30 minute Q&A.