Kids Hour: How to Make a Masterpiece (Ages 10-12) with Vanessa Catalano - Context Travel

Kids Hour: How to Make a Masterpiece (Ages 10-12) with Vanessa Catalano

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Join a local child-friendly expert to understand how great masterpieces come to be. Together, we'll look at paintings to better understand the intentions of the painter, learn how to spot classical composition patterns, and find inspiration from classical art to learn to make our own creations.

When we visit a museum we tend to focus on the final result. A great masterpiece, already approved by art experts, is hanging in front of us. If the painting follows classical patterns they tend to look very detached from our current reality. Together we are going to reveal the subjects of the paintings and the composition in order to get the tools to create our own masterpiece. This could be a picture, a drawing, a painting, or any visual outcome we want to explore.

Together, we will learn to look carefully and we will do it through a series of activities in which wonder will play an important role. Paintings from the Netherlands in the 17th century introduced domestic scenes and normal characters to the artistic activity: these will be our objects of study. Whether a portrait, a group portrait, a household scene, or a still life, they can all be an inspiration for your own composition. Color, light, and shape, together with the history behind what we see, are our starting point for a creative process.

After this conversation we will be able to: look at a painting and have a clear idea of the intentions of the painter spot classical composition patterns in several forms of visual representation find inspiration in classical art to make our own creations

Materials Needed

  • Pencils and coloring pencils
  • Paper

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Vanessa Catalano lives in Amsterdam, holds an Italian passport and was born and raised in Venezuela. She is trained as an architect and holds a MA in Design History. She is passionate about sharing with others the wonders she sees in the tangible world: from cities to art, she loves to understand their effect that it has in society. In the last few years, she has added to her list of tours in Amsterdam the Rijksmuseum for Kids, which has become one of her favorite tours. Engaging different age groups in a better comprehension of heritage has become her expertise. Besides guiding Vanessa works as a designer of artifacts, activities, and games. 

This conversation is suitable for children aged 10-12.

90 minutes, including a 30 minute Q&A.