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Inside the Mexican Market with Raquel del Castillo

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Learn about the origins and ingredients of Mexico's cuisine by virtually visiting some of Mexico City’s most authentic and flavorful markets.

Longstanding cornerstones of local food and shopping culture, understanding the Mexican market is a must for those interested in Mexican food, history and culture. During this seminar, led by a local food expert, we'll dive inside a few different markets as we feast our eyes, developing a deeper appreciation for the wide range of textures, colors, and flavors present in Mexican culture and cuisine. We’ll talk about their origins and the architects behind them as we virtually visit some of the most famous markets in Mexico City.

The markets that we will cover in this conversation are Tlatelolco market (the first market from the Prehispanic era), Sonora market (famous for its rich Botanics), Central de Abastos (arguably the most important), Jamaica market (well known for its flowers and 24-hour opening), and finally, San Juan market (the first gourmet market with edible insects worldwide cheese). Each market has its individual character and this conversation will unpack just what differentiates this array of colorful culinary spaces.

Led by food journalist and editor, Raquel del Castillo, this interactive seminar will allow viewers a snapshot into the vibrant Mexican market life through the lens of Mexico City. Designed to both inform and inspire, Raquel’s words and information is set to aliven the taste buds.

Raquel Del Castillo has been a food journalist since 2000, writing for publications such as Forbes online, Munchies (Vice Mexico),, and the national newspaper Milenio. She studied culinary arts and Communication at university. Now she mixes this knowledge of cooking and writing in her everyday work. She loves teaching recipes and leading tours to the local markets of Mexico City. She thinks that the best way to know the flavors of Mexico is to walk through these public places and go to the restaurants to see how chefs prepare the ingredients for the numerous traditional Mexican recipes, some of them published in her three recipes books.

This conversation is suitable for all ages

90 minutes, including a 30 minute Q&A.