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Milan's Duomo: A Gothic Marble Marvel with Veronica Azimonti

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This conversation is about one of our favorite cathedrals in the world, the Duomo di Milano. We'll join an art historian to learn more about Milan's incredible symbol in the heart of the city.

We will virtually enter this magnificent Gothic structure, focusing on its history and its mesmerizing architecture made of shining marble. Our expert will explain the building's origins, as well as the 600-year timeframe it took to complete. We'll learn about the 3000+ ornate statues on the facade and within. We might discuss the stained glass windows in Christendom, the politics behind the creation of this gothic structure (with many other influences), and the redesign of Milan's canals in order to transport the tons of marble needed for its construction into the city.

With its impressively adorned marble facade and thousands of statues and pinnacles scraping the sky, this Gothic cathedral is an incredible architectural and artistic feat that deserves a seminar discussion to gain a deeper understanding of its journey from 1386 to today.

Led by a local art historian, participants will emerge with an appreciation for this formidable structure and a knowledge of some of the Duomo's secrets. Designed to inform, educate, and inspire future travels, this seminar will set anyone up with a better grasp of this inspiring landmark.

Veronica is an art history graduate from Milan. During her studies at university, she fell in love with the city, discovering hidden corners and unexpected treasures that lie within it. After becoming an official tour guide she decided to transform this passion into her full-time job to show visitors inside the Italian and Milanese culture and art, history, and traditions. She enjoys the secret gems and small details and focuses on entertaining stories to embellish her narrative, to live a unique experience in Milan.

This conversation is suitable for all ages.

90 minutes, including a 30 minute Q&A.