Volume 4: Nazi Paris: Liberation and The Battle For Paris with Nigel Perrin - Context Travel

Volume 4: Nazi Paris: Liberation and The Battle For Paris with Nigel Perrin

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In the summer of 1944, Parisians took to the streets and fought to reclaim their city from the Nazis. This Conversation explores the events leading to the Liberation of Paris, the places where it happened, and the stories of those who took part.

When news arrived of the D-Day landings on the beaches of Normandy in June 1944, many Parisians desperately hoped for a swift end to Hitler's Occupation. As the Allies pushed deeper into France, it seemed that the days of Nazi oppression and terror would soon be over. But Allied forces had no plans to head for Paris, and the city's future looked more uncertain than ever. Would the capital become the victim of a terrible final act of brutality and destruction?

After weeks of escalating tension between the occupiers and the occupied, French resistance fighters began to emerge from the shadows. Although ill-equipped and few in number, they took to the streets and began an urban guerrilla war against German troops. Paris's historic landmarks and gardens became battlegrounds, and hastily erected barricades recalled its bloody revolutions. While the eventual arrival of American and French forces ensured victory, the people of Paris played a heroic role in their own Liberation. But both the victors and the vanquished would create myths that continue to shape the 'Liberation story' told today.

Led by an expert on Paris's history of revolutions and resistance, Dr. Nigel Perrin, this interactive seminar will examine the extraordinary story of the Liberation of Paris. Designed to inform curiosity as well as future travels, participants will come away with an increased understanding of how and where the fight for Liberation happened, who took part, the cost, and the legacy of this important moment in the city's history.

This conversation is the fourth in a four-part series. Each seminar can be joined independently and in any order. 
Volume 1: Nazi Paris, Resistance, and The Secret War 1940-1944 with Nigel Perrin
Volume 2: Nazi Paris, Life, Love and Death in an Occupied Capital with Nigel Perrin
Volume 3: Nazi Paris, Women under Occupation with Nigel Perrin
Volume 4: Nazi Paris: Liberation and The Battle For Paris with Nigel Perrin

Nigel has long been fascinated by the history of France during the Occupation, particularly in relation to the work of British secret services, a subject he began studying in 2003. 'Spirit of Resistance', his biography of secret agent Harry PeulevŽ, was published in 2008. Having completed his MA in Modern History at the University of Kent in Paris in 2015, he has now begun a doctorate on a spatial history of Paris under Occupation.

This conversation is not suitable for children under age 16.

90 minutes, including a 30 minute Q&A.