Pairing Bubbles and Food with Cynthia Coutu

Pairing Bubbles and Food with Cynthia Coutu

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In the movie "Old Acquaintance", Bette Davis said: "There comes a time in every woman's life when the only thing that helps is a glass of champagne."

Champagne is mostly known as a celebratory wine served to mark special occasions, but it is also a very food-friendly wine. Sommeliers and chefs love working together to pair champagne with main courses, even spicy Indian dishes! ButÌä not all types of champagnes pair well with all types of foods. You wouldn't want to serve a bone dry champagne with sweet wedding cake for example. It would leave a very bitter taste in your mouth.

This comprehensive webinar starts with a short introduction to explain why champagne is such a food-friendly wine, then dives deep into the factors that influence the taste profile of a champagne. We will explore the diverse terroirs, the characteristics of the grape varieties, the type of vessel used to ferment the wine, the concept of reserve wine, the influence of time spent aging, and the critical phase of sugar dosage. We will finish the seminar by sharing some recommendations of great champagne and food pairings to try.

Designed to inform champagne-lovers and foodies, this interactive seminar will give participants the tools to explore their senses and undertake their own experiments pairing champagne with food. Led by champagne educator, guide, and longtime Paris resident Cynthia Coutu. Drinking champagne (or any other sparkling wine) during the webinar is optional, but it will make the session more interactive. Upon registration, participants will receive a list of foods to try with their bubbly.

If you plan on popping open a bottle of champagne for the session and would like to try pairing a few different food types with it, try to find any of these:

  • a lemon, some strawberries or raspberries
  • milk chocolate and dark chocolate
  • something fat and salty like potato chips or buttered popcorn
  • smoked salmon, roast or fried chicken, charcuteries like pata negra, pate, dry sausage
  • bread, butter, and cheeses like Parmesan, Brie, Brillat Savarin, Chaource

Cynthia is Canadian and has been living in Paris for more than 25 years. She obtained a B.A. in Fine Arts (Photography) in Canada, then came to France to do a Masters in Art History at the Sorbonne. Her love of wine and cheese kept her in France. She studied wine at LeAcademie du Vin and Locole du Vin, and is certified Wine and Spirits Education Trust Level 3 with Merit. She then specialized in champagne - the king of wines and the wines of kings! She teaches champagne masterclasses, judges wine contests, hosts champagne tasting events, and loves taking people to visit her favorite champagne producers. She was voted Best Wine Tasting in Paris by Expatriates Magazine. She is currently researching the role of women in the history of Champagne for a book project.

This conversation is suitable for all ages

90 minutes, including a 30 minute Q&A.