Kid's Hour: Petronella's Fabulous Dollhouse (Ages 7-9) with Alette Fleischer - Context Travel

Kid's Hour: Petronella's Fabulous Dollhouse (Ages 7-9) with Alette Fleischer

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Petronella Oortmans was a wealthy lady who had a very ornate dolls house made especially for her. She would not let her kids play with it, as it was far too precious. With the money she spent on the dollhouse, she could have bought a real house instead! Today, her dollhouse shows how wealthy people in Amsterdam lived in the 1700s. Come inside with Alette and see if it's anything like a house you know today!

This Kid's Hour conversation will tell us about the lady behind the dollhouse, and the spectacular dollhouse itself. Petronella had inherited money and she had married a rich merchant, who died shortly after their marriage. Then, she married again with a well-off merchant. As a hobby, she assembled a dollhouse, by commissioning every item from actual artisans. So, miniature chairs were made by furniture makers, paintings by painters, small silver items by silversmiths, tiny wine glasses by glassblowers, etc. The outer casing was very costly too: it was an intricate puzzle of tortoiseshell and pewter inlay. This carefully designed masterpiece is now housed in Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum.

This doll's house, and a few others that other wealthy ladies had ordered, show us how rich people lived in the early 18th century. Do these houses differ much from today's houses? Is there anything missing that we have in our houses today? We'll discuss whether, if we had a choice, we would live in Petronella's time or stick with our own.

Led by a child-friendly expert on cultural history, Alette Fleischer, this interactive seminar will focus on living in the Golden Age in Holland. Designed to inform curiosity as well as future travels, participants will come away with an increased sense of how similar and - at the same time - how different houses and living was in the early 18th century.

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Amsterdam-born Alette Fleischer has a degree in Art History and a PhD in 17th Dutch History, focusing on gardens, science, and technology. She has curated several exhibitions, publishes articles, presents lectures, and a proud Context Expert. For Context Travel, Alette has led the Rijksmuseum tours many times. Motto: staying curious is key for being a good historian.

This conversation is suitable for children aged 7-9.

90 minutes, including a 30 minute Q&A.