Picasso and Goya with Marta López Beriso

Picasso and Goya with Marta López Beriso

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When Goya painted May 3rd, 1808 he paid homage to those civilians who during a war cannot attack or defend themselves and who always die. This is the first time that the loser of a battle was depicted as the hero of a historical canvas. Commissioned by King Ferdinand VII as a propaganda piece to support his illegitimate political power, Goya was able to fulfill the requirements of the king and, at the same time, tell his own version of the story. Together with the companion work, May 2nd, 1808, which depicts the citizens of Madrid resisting the French army, Goya's two masterworks opened a wide and radical door to modernity.

In 1937 Picasso was commissioned to paint a work for the Spanish Pavillion at the World Exhibition held in Paris and he looked to Goya's works for inspiration for his monumental canvas, Guernica. The artist used the opportunity to depict the horrors of the bombing raid perpetrated by the Nazi Condor Legion, with approval of Spain's Fascist ruler, Francisco Franco, on the villages of the Basque region. With modern techniques and new modes of expression, Picasso uses images of Spanish fiestas and bullfights to mask the subversive message of his work. Like May 3rd, 1808 by Goya before him, Picasso creates a monument to the defenseless citizens, paying homage to his countrymen who perished and to the artist whose work inspired him.

Led by Madrid based Art Historian Marta Lopez Beriso, this interactive discussion will introduce us in-depth to these artists and artworks. Designed to inform curiosity as well as future travels, participants will come away with a better understanding of this intriguing subject.

Professor Marta López Beriso is an active scholar and educator in the field of Art History. She teaches at various American universities in Madrid. She holds degrees in Art History and Archaeology (B.A. Universite de La Sorbonne-Paris IV), Arts and Culture Administration (M.A. Universidad de Barcelona), and a Ph.D. in Art History, expertise in History of Photography (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). She is also the founder and director of ÌÕAulas de ArteÌÒ, a private non-profit organization, dedicated to educational services in museums, nationwide and internationally. Born and raised in Madrid, she has studied in Paris and also worked in New York at the beginning of her professional career, at MOMA. Back in Madrid, she feels the city as a cosmopolitan insider. She knows both the historical and traditional Madrid she discovered with her mother and grandmother as well as the most contemporary and alternative side of the city.

This conversation is suitable for all ages

90 minutes, including a 30 minute Q&A.