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The Real Housewives of the Vesuvian Coast with Danielle Oteri

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Wealthy Romans who were required to act conservative and austere in Rome would vacation on the Vesuvian coast, an ancient version of Las Vegas or Miami.

The Villa Oplontis in the town of Torre Annunziata is a stunning view into the world of Pompeii’s wealthy citizens at the time of the city’s destruction. Rumored to have once been occupied by Nero’s wife Poppea, the Villa is one of the most active sites for archeologists in Italy.

This conversation will take you inside, to see the zebra painted walls that designated the routes the servants could walk, the infinity pool once lined with fish tanks where revelers could choose their dinner, and the neighboring warehouse where osteo-archaeologists are studying the remains of the people who died there while waiting to be rescued by boat.

Led by Danielle Oteri, an expert on art, food and history of Southern Italy, this interactive seminar will educate listeners to this unusual and intriguing topic. Designed to inform curiosity as well as future travels, participants will come away with a vivid picture of life in Pompeii during the 1st century C.E.

Danielle Oteri is an expert on Roman, medieval and Renaissance art. She was a Lecturer at the Met Cloisters for fifteen years and has been Program Director of the International Center of Medieval Art since 2008. Danielle has written about art, history, food and travel for Conde Nast Traveler, Gothamist, NPR and Roads & Kingdoms. She is the founder of Feast on History and Arthur Avenue Food Tours.

This conversation is suitable for all ages

90 minutes, including a 30 minute Q&A.