Volume 4: Roman Emperors, the Antonines with Dimo Kosmopoulos

Volume 4: Roman Emperors, the Antonines with Dimo Kosmopoulos

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The second century AD is the golden century of Ancient Rome, especially during the period of the Hispanic and Antonine dynasties. Join Dimo to learn about the rule of Marcus Aurelius which represents a fascinating and intriguing moment of Roman Empire’s history.

This mini webinar series is dedicated to the emperors of Rome, tracing their history over hundreds of years. From Augustus to the Flavian Dynasty to the Hispanic Dynasty, to the Age of Balance this is volume four. Please note, you do not have to have attended previous volumes to join this conversation.

The Roman Empire reached its maximum expansion under the rule of Trajan and Hadrian, emperors of Hispanic origins. After a long period of peace under Hadrian’s successor Antoninus Pius, first of the Antonines, the new emperor Marcus Aurelius had to face a strong pressure on the empire’s northern borders. Marcus Aurelius, member of the Antonine dynasty, ruled at the end of the golden age of the empire. Last of the five good emperors he would pass in history as emblem of the times he was living: soldier and philosopher at the same time, under his rule the Mediterranean basin was unified under the name of Rome and a social and political equilibrium was achieved. According to most historians it will be Commodus, his son, to start the decline of the Empire.

Through archaeology and ancient architecture we will investigate this fundamental moment of Roman history, analyzing the times from the death of Hadrian to the second half of the second century AD. Imposing sculptures, eternal bronze statues, ancient temples will lead us in the understanding of the so-called “Age of Balance” of the Roman Empire.

Led by an expert archaeologist, Dimosthenis Kosmopoulos, this interactive seminar will focus on the historical period of the Antonine Dynasty with an archaeological approach to the subject. Designed to inform curiosity as well as future travels, participants will come away with an increased knowledge of the history and the ancient art related to this period.

Dimo completed his Ph.D. with a thesis on temple architecture in the Italian peninsula during the Republican period. This topic became his area of expertise. His knowledge of archaeology, ancient art history and Roman architecture is the key that he uses to share his unique perspective on the Eternal City.

This conversation is suitable for all ages

90 minutes, including a 30 minute Q&A.