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The Secret Life of Salvador Dalí with Montse Marques

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Discover the secret life of Salvador Dalí, the renowned Spanish surrealist painter whose repertoire allowed for anything from paintings to sculpture to film to photography and more. In this conversation, we will go in-depth into his mind, memories, and what is known about him in order to better understand how this man developed such talents.

Did you know that Salvador Dalí considered himself a better writer than a painter? Almost everybody is familiar with his painting but not with his literature. This conversation will explore his life and personality in order to better understand the man behind his (often-complicated) artworks. Together, we will discuss anecdotes, facts, and gossip about his fascinating, yet troubled life. Dali was an artist who really knew how to turn his personal image into a publicity device: we will look at this connection and the array of fascinating Surrealist works he produced during his life.

Travel with a local art historian to the stunning region of Empordà, where both Montse (our presenter) and Salvador Dalí were born. We will realize that this location and Dali’s surroundings were such a fundamental part of his work. By entering his world and learning details about his personal experiences, we will be able to appreciate his paintings in a deeper way.

Led by an expert on Art History, Montse Marques, this interactive seminar will immerse you in the secret life of Salvador Dalí. Designed to inform curiosity as well as future travels, participants will come away with increased insider knowledge about Dalí, his work, and his homeland.

Montse studied Audiovisual Communication at Pompeu Fabra University. It was there she realized she wanted to become a storyteller so she then pursued a Master in scriptwriting and performing arts. Trained as an actress, she now works as a guide in Barcelona. She loves that her work allows for continual learning. She is currently studying art history.

This conversation is suitable for all ages.

90 minutes, including a 30 minute Q&A.