Tasting Mexico: A Culinary History with Raquel del Castillo

Tasting Mexico: A Culinary History with Raquel del Castillo

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In this talk, we will explore how the food, diet, and customs changed in every historical stage of Mexico. We'll start by learning about the indigenous roots and how they connect with the universe through the kitchen. We'll talk about agricultural growth through the milpa and chinampa agricultural systems. We'll move onto looking at the colonial era, discovering what sort of foods were introduced by Spain (sugar, grapes for wine, flour, and spices) but also how Mexico accepted and traded with the rest of Europe.

Our conversation will cover everything from Maximiliano de Habsburg and the French influence, from Porfirio Díaz's transformation of the country, and the tradition of the English tea hour, amongst other topics. We'll finish up talking about the revolutionary period and how the sentiment of nationalism was also a look back to the national cuisine in order to define what Mexican cuisine really is.

Led by food journalist and editor, Raquel del Castillo, this interactive seminar will unpack how such a variety of cultures are present in Mexican cuisine, but also how important the influence of Mexican ingredients has been for so many other nations. Designed to inspire future travels to Mexico, we hope Raquel's words tickle your tastebuds.

Raquel Del Castillo has been a food journalist since 2000, writing for publications such as Forbes online, Munchies (Vice Mexico), chilango.com, and the national newspaper Milenio. She studied culinary arts and Communication at university. Now she mixes this knowledge of cooking and writing in her everyday work. She loves teaching recipes and leading tours to the local markets of Mexico City. She thinks that the best way to know the flavors of Mexico is to walk through these public places and go to the restaurants to see how chefs prepare the ingredients for the numerous traditional Mexican recipes, some of them published in her three recipe books.

This conversation is suitable for all ages

90 minutes, including a 30 minute Q&A.