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Treasures of the Louvre Museum with Marie Dessaillen

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The Musee du Louvre in Paris holds some of the most important masterpieces of art history. A former royal residence, its 800,000 square feet can only present 35 000 (less than 5%!) of its works of art. Transformed into a museum during the French Revolution in order to safeguard works of art and educate the public, it presented the former collection of the Kings of France, as well as art rescued from churches and aristocratic homes, and it has been growing ever since from private donations. It takes months to see it all, and somehow, it always calls us back for more. Some of those works of art have become pop culture legends, like the smiley Mona Lisa or the armless Venus de Milo, others surprise you and blow your mind when you round a corner.

Led by historian and art historian Marie Dessaillen, a specialist of French 15th-18th-century history and European 15th-18th-century art history, this interactive discussion will present a bouquet of her favorite sculptures and paintings, from Greek art to the Italian Renaissance (Uccello, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Veronese) to the Dutch Golden Age (Vermeer) and French gallant, classical and romantic 18th-19th century paintings (Watteau, David, Gericault). We will delve into the history of the works, the techniques, the artists, and the patrons. We will look at all the little details that give us clues to understanding the layers of messages displayed in front of our very eyes and that we have all too often forgotten how to read.

When you next visit the Louvre, you will look at these beautiful paintings and statues with the eye of a connoisseur.

The daughter of a sculptor, Marie has been surrounded by art ever since she was born. A native Parisienne, she holds an undergraduate degree in history and art history, with a specialty in iconography and French and Flemish paintings from the 16th to the 18th centuries. She also holds a Master's degree in museology from the Ecole du Louvre and one in Art History from the Sorbonne.

This conversation is suitable for all ages

90 minutes, including a 30 minute Q&A.