Holland's Garden History: Inside Tulipmania with Alette Fleischer

Holland's Garden History: Inside Tulipmania with Alette Fleischer

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While we are staying in our homes, all the Spring flowers are showing their colorful heads. Holland has changed into an enormous palate of colors. The bulb fields are in full bloom and in our own gardens, the tulips, hyacinths, daffodils compete for our attention and admiration. Maybe you had plans to come to Amsterdam this Spring to go to see the flowers for yourselves at the Keukenhof gardens with the Context Tulipmania tour. Let me guide you through Holland's garden history via this webinar instead.

This Context Conversation places 17th-century Dutch gardens in a broader context since there is more to our gardens than tulips. The Dutch shaped their gardens as earthly Gardens of Eden. Gardening men and women splashed their cash adorning their garden with exotic flowers, trees and fruits, lush waterworks, and costly hothouses. Thanks to their intricate and worldwide trading network botanical treasures were shipped to the Republic. At the same time, Holland's gardens were showcases of the dominion of humans over nature and their own country.

Alette Fleischer has focused her researched on the intricate relationship between nature, art, and science in the 20th century (thesis) and the 17th century (dissertation). Sculpture parks, ornamental gardens, and botanical gardens form the sites of study. As an independent scholar, she presents papers and writes articles on this subject. Alette also teaches art history and lectures on topics such as 17th-century Dutch art and architecture, 18th century Empire design, garden architecture, and landscape engineering.

Amsterdam-born Alette Fleischer has a degree in Art History and a Ph.D. in 17th Dutch History, focusing on gardens, science, and technology. She has curated several exhibitions, publishes articles, presents lectures, and a proud Context Expert. For Context Travel, Alette has led the Rijksmuseum tours many times. Motto: staying curious is key to being a good historian.

This conversation is suitable for all ages

90 minutes, including a 30 minute Q&A.