Venice: Mosaics of St Mark's Basilica with Erika Cornali

Venice: Mosaics of St Mark's Basilica with Erika Cornali

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Visiting St. Mark's Basilica is always an overwhelming experience, but it often turns out to be hard to observe its famous mosaics due to the lack of light, the crowds, or simply an inconvenient location. This seminar will analyze images and scenes that are not normally covered during regular tours or not normally visible to the public. We will discover incredible details of unexpected beauty whilst our expert addresses in detail what we are observing.

Erika will present the selected mosaics in chronological order to analyze the different styles that developed in the course of the centuries. We'll occasionally jump out of the lagoon (Venice) to discover the relationships between Venetian art and Constantinople, Rome, and other important locations. Our seminar will also address some of the stories and legends narrated on the walls of St. Mark's Basilica - it will be both an artistic and historic look at the walls of this compelling church.

Led by an expert tourist guide of Venice, Erika Cornali, this interactive seminar will delve into the history of the mosaics of St. Mark's Basilica. Designed to inform curiosity as well as future travels, participants will come away with an increased knowledge of the themes and styles that we can admire in this iconic Venetian monument.

Originally from Genoa, Erika moved to Venice ten years ago to study Oriental languages at Ca' Foscari University, where she graduated with a thesis on Japanese art and architecture. She has a keen interest in the art and history of Venice and worked for some important cultural institutions, such as the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, where she was in charge of special events, and the National Oriental Museum at Ca' Pesaro, where she studied and cataloged part of the collection. Her time at the Guggenheim collection sharpened her knowledge of contemporary art, which she continues to study. She is now a licensed tourist guide for the city of Venice.

This conversation is suitable for all ages

90 minutes, including a 30 minute Q&A.