Volume 1: Tower of London with Sean Moran

Volume 1: Tower of London with Sean Moran

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Her Majesty’s Palace and Fortress The Tower of London is a Unesco World Heritage Site visited by millions of people a year. It has a fascinating history intertwined with the History of England. Why was it built? What has it been used for? Who are the “Beefeaters”? When did the Ravens arrive? These and many more questions will be explored by Sean Moran a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and one of the renowned London Blue Badge Guides, the only guides allowed to guide inside the walls of the Tower of London.

This conversation is the first in a two-part series. This conversation (volume 1) will focus on the history of the key buildings, activities, and characters of The Tower. Sean can often be found at The Tower with Context clients and this is a natural subject for him to cover. Through a thousand years of history it has protected and housed Kings and Queens, made their coins, kept their exotic pets, incarcerated their enemies, stored their records and arms, and was home to the first Royal Observatory; and it all started with the French.

In Tower of London volume two, Sean will cover the Imprisonment, Execution, and Murder of Royalty, and other Ancient Ceremonies. There is a separate Context Conversation with Sean that focuses entirely on the Crown Jewels at The Tower of London.

Since leaving university in 1982, Sean has lived and worked across the globe in a nearly 30-year career as a senior executive in financial services. He put his skills and knowledge to work in the Charity Sector in the UK for 7 years but decided life was too short to not focus entirely on his passions for people, history, art and architecture. When not guiding, Sean is restoring a Georgian House and serving as a Parish Councillor. He is a freeman of the City of London and a freeman of the City Livery company of Clockmakers. He lives in London and Wiltshire.

This conversation is suitable for all ages

90 minutes, including a 30 minute Q&A.