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Scotch Whisky and Impending Revolution with Nikki Welch

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Whisky was born from the pioneering spirit of Scots. Who else would take cattle feed and turn it into the hub of a community and the global pinnacle of sophistication? 200 years after whisky, as we know it was born, there's a new whiskey revolution happening. Thousands of whisky barrels are currently cradling spirit from brand new distilleries, who once again are reviving communities and telling stories of Scottish ingenuity and flavor. This conversation focuses on how the pioneering spirit that created whiskey in the first place has been fired up again and how the new wave of whiskey distilleries are creating a new whisky landscape for Scotland and beyond.

Drinking whiskey is a dive into Scottish and world history, it exists in the form today thanks to the humble grocers of Edinburgh, the railway pioneers, a hungry parasite in Bordeaux, and the need to connect over a dram of something after a long, hard day. It kept rural communities alive by providing jobs and, more latterly, tourists to hear their stories. Every dram contains this history. But history has a habit of reinventing itself and there is a whisky revolution on the horizon.

We’ll take a trip down memory lane to understand the story and cultural importance of whisky, and then get some sneak peeks at some new distilleries, to understand the new face of whisky for the 21st century and how best to enjoy it (which isn’t always neat!).

Led by an expert on drinks history and flavor, Nikki Welch, this interactive seminar will explore the whisky revolution happening right now, in the context of its rich history. Designed to inform curiosity as well as future travels, participants will come away with an increased appreciation of Scotch whisky and its pioneering spirit.

Nikki is an entrepreneur, creative and drinks book author, inspired by the stories and flavours in wine, whisky and beer. After a career in the commercial wine trade she set up her own business dedicated to decoding wine and other similar drinks for everyone, the result of this is a digital, event and training business based around her unique flavour maps. Edinburgh is an adopted city for Nikki, who embraces all elements of life here, especially the festivals during August. Work keeps her pretty busy, but when she's not organising a whisky or wine pop up bar you'll find her with glass in hand or cooking for friends with some locally sourced bootie!

This conversation is suitable for all ages

90 minutes, including a 30 minute Q&A.